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Desperately Seeking Luxury-Hotel-Quality Bathrobe

Review of:

Luxury Spa Robes in Terry Cloth and Plush Velour

• Classic Spa Robe – Terry Cloth & Microfiber, $110
• Classic Spa Robe – Plush Velour & Microfiber, $120

Use: Lounging, relaxation, home spa treatments, travel

Who is it for: These robes are great for men or women who appreciate finer quality clothing and are looking for a luxury bathrobe similar in style and quality to the ones at high-end hotels and spas. Also an excellent gift item for those who enjoy comfort and relaxation at home or travel.

What We Like:

• The XS actually fits my small frame perfectly
• Plush velour is YUMMY! (ie: super soft)
• Robes hold up well to washing
• Microfiber outer fabric is soft yet durable
• Outer fabric doesn’t catch or snag (like some terry robes)
• You can opt to monogram your robe (awesome gift idea!)
• They come in light grey!!!! (Give me grey everything – I LOVE it)
• They come in a range of other beautiful colors
• There are double belt loops
• Robes have a nice tailored fit and look attractive on

What We Don’t Like:

• Front patch pockets vs side slit pockets
• Shoulder pads (they are removable with some minor “robe surgery”)
• Terry cloth and velour inner layer is not sewn into the outer microfiber layer (this felt like an overlooked detail that diminished the quality of the robe a bit)
• I was wishing for a method to tie up the sleeves so I could wash my face or reach into the sink without soaking the sleeves (urgh) A button on the sleeve, or a tie would be awesome.

Shop Classic Spa Robes

In addition to my status as a spa junkie, I am also a robe collector, hoarder, connoisseur…. whatever you wanna call it. Basically, I have a lot of robes and have been on a mission to find the ultimate luxury robe – like the nice ones in high-end hotels and spas.

Over the years I’ve splurged on a few brand name robes, such as Natori, Barefoot Dreams, and Macy’s Hotel Collection. These were great but failed to measure up to some of the hotel robes I’ve seen. Bathrobes come in dozens of different styles, fabrics and price points, but there’s something about the hotel robe that sets it apart. Some of the brands I’ve tried were too thin, overpriced, easily snagged, shrunk when washed, unflattering, and my greatest pet peeve – so huge on my body that I felt like I was dragging around a towel-like Snuggie!

If you’ve always searched for a nicely tailored, high-quality, comfortable and durable bathrobe you’re not alone – and you should check out Luxury Spa Robes.

I discovered this brand of spa robes on Instagram. I was attracted to the dreamy photos of spa scenes and nicely shot product images in their feed. Clicking through to their website I discovered a huge selection of beautiful bathrobes and accessories. I’m kind of a fabric snob so I was curious about the different fabrics they used. I wondered what terry was like, versus velour, versus microfiber! So many colors, so many options… and MONOGRAMMING! Who wouldn’t monogram if you had the option? So I reached out to them and connected with the owner (a kick-ass lady, by the way) and she was kind enough to send me two robes to try!

I wasn’t sure what to expect but was eagerly watching shipping notifications with excitement. When the robes arrived they were packed in cute logo organza bags. Inside the robes were packaged in sturdy reusable zippered plastic bags (like the ones comforters come in). I loved this as I immediately thought about using it to pack the robe for travel, or storage. I was happy to find that the robes were heavy, and made with thick, quality fabrics – but not too warm. The velour robe was immediately my favorite of the two. The microfiber outer and velour inner layer are both incredibly soft, the grey color is super nice, and the fit was amazing! The terry robe was very nice as well, but I much preferred the velour fabric to the terry. I took turns wearing them both around the house and found that the velour was better for lounging around and the terry robe was better for wearing after the shower.

I went on a trip to Dallas shortly after the robes arrived and I packed the velour robe to enjoy during my hotel stay. My velour robe was WAY nicer than the robe in my hotel! Although they were shockingly similar, the hotel robe had pilling on the outer microfiber layer and was huge, as usual. Additionally, the hotel robe was nowhere near as soft as the Luxury Spa Robes velour robe.

That’s me in the bathrobe!

I had a few minor complaints about the two robes worth mentioning. I was not a fan of the shoulder pads or patch front pockets. I would have preferred side slit pockets as I felt the patch pockets took away from the sleek tailored look of the robe – just a minor personal preference and not necessarily a flaw. I also wished that the shoulder pads were removable. They are bulky and awkward feeling and had to be adjusted, which was annoying. I mentioned the shoulder pads concern to them and they actually provided me with instructions for easy removal! Yay! There were also instances where I wanted to roll up the sleeves to keep them clean and dry. This required me to roll them up and they didn’t want to stay that way! If there was a tie or button attached to the upper sleeve this would be a breeze. And lastly, I found it odd that the inner velour and terry layers weren’t sewn into the outer microfiber layer. These layers are separated at the hem and you can see the backside of the fabric. I thought this was unattractive and wished that they were sewn together.

Although there were a few minor aspects of the robes I didn’t love, these were very close to what I’d always been looking for and I felt they were a better value than the brands I’d previously purchased. They were even nicer than the hotel and spa robes. Luxury Spa Robes has many other styles of robes that look amazing too. There are waffle robes, kimono robes, hooded robes, spa wraps, towels and throws, and more! An added bonus is free shipping within the US and your goods go out within 24 hours.

I am giving Luxury Spa Robes the Spatracker stamp of approval! I’ll be enjoying mine for years to come.

Check them out and let me know whatcha think!

xoxo Spatracker

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